Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap Betting Strategies

Asian handicap betting have already aggregate market in soccer sports betting. Here, one team gets a head start virtually while the opposing team is given a virtual deficit. This form of betting can be utilised both before kick-off and live to bet. There is a basic principle behind this market.

There is no possibility of a draw outcome in Asian handicap betting. Thus, there are only two type of outcome to become a winner. Head starts are maintained, or Deficits are overcome.

So, a draw after the outcome results in an equal. If there is an equal, the money of the initial stakes is returning back.

Example of the Asian handicap Betting works

There is only three types of Asian handicap betting type: the half-goal, the whole-goal, and the quarter-goal.

In the half-goal (0.5, 1.5, etc.), there will always be a clear winner because it is impossible to score a half goal. E.g. In a match between Barcelona and Eibar, Barcelona is clear favourites. When we back Barcelona at -1.5 Asian handicap to win, they will have to win by two clear goals for the wager to win.

The whole-goal (0, 1, 2, etc.) rules are a little relaxed. A win, lose or push (outcome with a handicap is a draw) is the outcome. E.g. in the same match above, we go on to back Barcelona at -2 to win. The likely outcomes and their corresponding results are as follows:

  • Barcelona wins by three goals, wager wins.
  • Barcelona wins by one goal or match ends in a draw, the wager loses.
  • Barcelona wins by two goals, push, and you get your stake back.

A team can get two virtual head starts (a combination of half goal and whole goal). The complexity known as a quarter goal makes Asian handicap betting more interesting. Any stake placed is split in half, one half for the half goal and the other half for the whole goal.

E.g. Manchester United square up against Manchester City at Old Trafford in the Manchester Derby. Bookmakers consider Man City as clear favourites by some margins at (-0.5 & -1.0) to win.

The corresponding results are:

  • Man City wins by two goals or more, both bets win.
  • Man City wins by one goal, -0.5 Asian handicap wins while -1.0 Asian handicap is a push.
  • Match ends in a draw, both wagers lose.
  • Man United win, both bets lose.
  • Bettors can adopt different strategies to get the best out of this unique betting market.

Fade the Public Strategy

In simple terms, it means betting against the public or popular opinion. You can employ this when there is a massive belief that a particular team will have an easy day. But, some external factors might influence the match otherwise. For example, Burnley plays Chelsea at Turf moor with Chelsea straight favourites to win by the public view.

The external factor is Chelsea having a midweek Champions League game against Inter Milan. Chelsea will likely win the match with fewer goals. Then, backing Burnley at +2.5 Asian handicap becomes a better wager to make.

Whether you employ this strategy or others out there, they will always be subject to review due to the volatility that the soccer betting tips markets might possess.